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Kefalonia – Greece (Journal Day 2)

October 20, 2017
Cronidis Beach Kefalonia

Hitting the Road

KefaloniaToday we took delivery of a hire car – rather cute Suzuki Jimny 4×4 with a soft top.  On the website it was red and rather fancy, in real life, it was a clapped out old banger, white, with an ill-fitting soft top.  Still, it worked, it got us where we wanted to go and we grew to love that little car.

Neither of us had ever a) driven a 4×4 or b) driven on the right-hand side of the road but we put on our big girl/boy pants and set off on the road out to Skala from Lourdata.

The road was very high and very winding (or so we thought at the time – later we found this was one of the straighter lower roads, but that is a story for another blog).  The first few miles were ‘interesting’ while we got used to the location of the stick shift, the handbrake and figured out how the hell we positioned the car on a road with a mountain on one side and a sheer drop on the other.

It worked out well in the end and the road to Skala (and then on to Poros) was full of the most magnificent views out across the Ionian Sea to Zyganthos.  There were plenty of photo opportunities along this route, not only did you have the amazing views from on high but there were also deserted bays, lizards to talk to and photograph and clear, blue waters. And of course, the obligatory mountain goat or two.

We stopped very briefly in Skala which is essentially a tourist resort albeit a fairly tasteful one and had coffee and fruit at a local eatery before moving on to Poros.  This part of the trip was a lot straighter which made for easier driving.  Since today was all about getting used to the car we didn’t tarry in Poros today but headed back inland towards the mountains and Tzanata where there is an ancient tomb.  This was closed for some reason so we headed down via Pastra, taking in a very archetypal Greek church and then returned to Lourdata.

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