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Kefalonia – Greece (Journal Day 4)

October 29, 2017
Kastro Ag. Giorgios Kefalonia

Day Trip to Kastro Ag Giorgios

Today we headed East out of Lourdata along the road to Argostoli so that we could take in a visit to Kastro Ag Giorgios, situated on a hilltop between Peratata and Traviliata.

The Castle itself is clearly visible as you drive across the Island and it is one of the most visited historic sites on Kefalonia.  Kastro Ag Giorgios dates back to the 11th century but most of the ruins that remain today were left by the Venetians who fortified the castle using slave labour after taking the castle from the Turks in 1500.  The castle was actually the Kefalonian capital until 1757 when it transferred to Argostoli.

The strategic position of Kastro Ag Giorgios – atop a 360m high peak – has obvious tactical benefits but from a visitor’s point of view, it also gives you the most stunning vistas in all directions.

Just down the road from the Kastro and down a small side street you can find the ruins of a medieval church which is also worth a visit.  It is pretty ruinous but the old font remains and has been turned into a shrine, remains of the old artwork and tiling can also be seen on the walls behind the font and the floors respectively.

There are a couple of nice cafes just below the Castle and we had lunch at one of these. You can check out my reviews of local eateries and attractions on my trip advisor.




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